Monday, July 16, 2012

Hallie made sure today was eventful!

So today was our second interview for our home study.  DeNese, Jason, and I were chatting away about China Baby attaching to us and everything that goes into bringing her home, when Hallie comes in the room picking her nose.  Hallie says "Somethin in it." She put a Dove Promise chocolate foil wrapper in her nose!!!!  Of all the times to put something in her nose, she does it while the adoption specialist is here.  Really??  Never a dull moment.  We did end up at ENT to have the foil extracted from her nostril because she would not blow it out.  I can laugh about it now and she still thinks it is funny :)  At least DeNese has a funny home study story to tell other adoptive parents!! 

Good night, it has been a long day!!

Dawn and the Crew

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Things are Movin Along

We have been having lots of friends and family asking lately what is happening with our adoption so I thought it was time for an update.  I wish I was better at posting on a regular basis....but...well I am just not.  In the last 3 months we have completed the part time job of home study paperwork, the kids ended a great school year, and both my brothers got married.  It has been a busy 3 months! When our sweet social worker told us the home study process took 2-4 months, I thought she was crazy!!  I thought, no way will it take that long just to do paperwork.  She was not kidding!  I will say that the paper chase is not always fun, but China Baby (what we have been calling her!) is so worth it.  I am happy to say that tomorrow is our first home study visit!!  Things are moving along nicely.  We are excited and a little bit nervous about the home study.  Just praying the kids will be on their best behavior for their parts of the interviews!!  The home study should be completed by the end of July, then we have another round of paperwork, 8-12 weeks wait time for immigration and the completion of our dossier.  Our file then gets sent to China and we prayerfully wait for a match!  The China team is saying about a 6-12 month wait, we are of course praying for as quick as possible. So that's the process as far as we know.  We are excited, nervous, and can't wait to go to China to get our baby!  Thanks for reading and caring!

Jason, Dawn, Dawson, Jayden, and Hallie

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Once upon a time there was a little girl and God placed in her a desire to adopt a beautiful baby girl from China.  She grew and met a handsome man.  This man loved her very much and asked her to be his bride. They had three beautiful, sweet, spunky children. Who were their joy!!

In May 2010, they were blessed with another beautiful child but sadness struck their family and God called their sweet boy Reese home to be with Him.  They were heartbroken but God was bigger than all the heartbreak.  Through their healing, God had begun to stir in them His desire for them to adopt.  On February 1, 2012, God showed this woman His will for them and she knew it was time to follow in His desire for their family.  And so the adventure begins....