Monday, July 16, 2012

Hallie made sure today was eventful!

So today was our second interview for our home study.  DeNese, Jason, and I were chatting away about China Baby attaching to us and everything that goes into bringing her home, when Hallie comes in the room picking her nose.  Hallie says "Somethin in it." She put a Dove Promise chocolate foil wrapper in her nose!!!!  Of all the times to put something in her nose, she does it while the adoption specialist is here.  Really??  Never a dull moment.  We did end up at ENT to have the foil extracted from her nostril because she would not blow it out.  I can laugh about it now and she still thinks it is funny :)  At least DeNese has a funny home study story to tell other adoptive parents!! 

Good night, it has been a long day!!

Dawn and the Crew

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