Wednesday, January 8, 2014

3 month update

As Christmas has come and gone and we are a week into a new year, I can't help but be amazed.  Last Christmas, someone was missing, there was this love in our hearts for this little girl we did not even know yet.  The past two weeks has been one of thankfulness and joy.  Ivy fits into this family as if she has always been here.  It feels so much longer than just three months and she has changed so much September.  Ivy is spunky, she knows what we wants and lets you know it, she is funny, has an attitude, loves to snuggle, and is just so loveable.  Ivy has gone from not being able to hold herself up when holding her to sitting on her own, crawling, pulling up on furniture, picking up toys, saying 10-15 English words, climbing the stairs (talk about heart attack!), yelling at her siblings, accepting kisses and giving them, saying "I love you", and gaining a whopping SEVEN pounds!!  She has rolls and we love it!!  So many people tell her how blessed she is but we are the blessed ones, our hearts and lives have been changed by God's gift of adoption of our hearts and of a little girl that has no idea how amazingly special, loved, and wanted she is.  This world of adoption takes your heart, flips it upside down in the most amazing way and forces the way you live and think to change.  We can't wait to see where God takes this little one's life and where he takes our family next!

...Be happy and full of joy, because the Lord has done a wonderful thing. Joel 2:21


  1. Oh so precious! We met you in Guangzhou/had the same gotcha day/same hotel. I have thought and prayed for you all often! God is so good and adoption is an amazing journey. What a precious family you have! Love the photos! Many blessings to you all!
    Janice W

  2. Stopped by here tonight as I was thinking about you! Can't say enough how Ivy looks like a Henricks/Matonak kid. CRAZY how God does that. What a beautiful family.