Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Leaving on a jet plane!!

I can't believe it is here.  Since February 1, 2012 we have had this dream at times we felt like was not going to come true.  Adoption is a beautifully long process.  I am sitting in the hotel lobby responding to every email, message, text, phone call we have gotten in the last few days.  We can't express enough how much we appreciate the support. Please forgive me if you reached out and I did not respond, your support is not forgotten. 

Our flights leave at 10 am Thursday, we layover in Detroit, then onto Beijing.  After a 14 hour plane ride we will land at 3pm, 3am Pittsburgh time.  OIY! 

Some ways you can pray for us...

1.  Pray for our kids.  2 weeks is a very long time and when we left them tonight Jayden was screaming...ripped my heart in 2!!  They need a heavenly dose of peace.

2.  Pray for our safety and health.

3.  Pray for sweet Ivy...that God would work in her heart as she learns to accept our love.  Pray she feels safe with us.  And pray for her health as we take her from the only place she has ever known.

4.  Pray for God's presence to be so real to us.  We need a dose of heavenly peace.

5.  Pray for all the details to go so smoothly.  Both in flights and layovers and paperwork. 

We will try to post as much as possible so watch FB! 

5 days and counting until we have our newest princess!!

J, D, and Kids

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  1. Yay! Have a fantastic trip and I will definitely pray for your whole family during this time. How exciting, stressful and adventurous!